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Post by Ryan on Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:20 am

Character Points Request
Asolace 265 Recondite Rings
Celinee 207

GodBlessed 554
GO Set
Hua Wu Que 220

Labu 8
Momo 1
overCook 140 LBW / Recondite Rings
Rin Tsucchie

RyBat 612
Refine Tickets
Seikuken 829

The Zook 14 Large White Angel Wings
yulien 50
zhuli priestess
Large White Angel Wings

Total 3494

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2011

For those who want to participate with the guild in Cedi, give the cards to Seikuken so that all the points will be on one person. When we get enough points, everyone's availablity will be asked and we will Cedi on the day that everyone who participated and wants to go can go. ONLY those that give me cards can request for items. Those that wants to participate but did not give Seikuken cards can share the rest of the loot that the others didn't want.

Cedi Wiki Page


RyBat - Sniper

Farming Characters
RyLax (High Priest), RyPoke (High Wizard)

Don't Use These Guys
Prawg (WS), Puttmutt (Champion), Pard (Assassin Cross)
RyChoke (SG), RyLeech (SG), RyFairy (Professor)
BabyRy (Baby Super Novice), Baby Puttmutt (Baby Knight), Itrickdead (Baby Novice)

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